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InsuranceTek Inc. would like to thank all their clients for all the years of service we have been able to provide.

As with any business, financial situations occur for which we need to make decisions that will be best for all. As many know, with the continual mortgage field industry changes, chargebacks and finance payments caused a high volume of cancellations. The required service did not change just the bottom line to the agency did change. This does not affect the policies in place, only to whom you contact for the service.

The programs developed have not changed. Cochrane & Co is still placing the program through Nationwide Companies of Scottsdale and Western Heritage. This effects: Mortgage Field Service, Security Guards, Private Investigations, Process Servers and Claims Adjusters. The servicing agency is now Payne West. To obtain a new policy or quote, renewal quote, customer service, claim filing and certificates, their contact number is 1-866-276-3775 or email at TagService@PayneWest.com

All other general business will be serviced by a new agency in WA, OR, ID, CA, AZ, OH, TX and NJ. Kathy Kane which you have been working with will continue to provide the same level of service as your agent with Humble Davenport Inc Contact information:
Phone: 425-226-8221
Fax :    425-255-9342

425-357-1555  or   888-505-1555    href="mailto:Info@Insurance-Tek.com">Info@Insurance-Tek.com